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Feed the World

The UK has a reputation for high quality food and over recent years has increasingly developed great tasting and imaginative products that have the potential to be sold across the world.

So why aren't UK food companies exporting more?

The Netherlands with a population of 10 million is the 2nd biggest food exporter in the world. Only the USA exports more food.

Where are we going wrong?

Could it be that we just don't believe in ourselves, so we assume that it must be too difficult, not worthwhile, or even not possible. I have seen this in our leaders who tell us that without the protection of a single market we won't be able to sell anything to our fellow Europeans. We will, even if it may be a little harder.

Exporting is selling; and everyone needs to do it better.

We need to believe in ourselves as an industry and as a country and start working from the assumption that there will be a demand for British products.

The demand is there; we just need to reach out and look.

This process can be much easier than you fear, but the best news is that there is so much help available, wherever in the UK you are based, and much of it is free. There are industry and country experts waiting to speak to you. So what have you got to lose, get exporting and join the 200 Export Club. A chance to join a community and discuss all things export!


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