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Why is the UK doing so badly at exporting?


It is a question we should all be asking of ourselves, the companies we work for, and the industries we are in.

Why is the UK doing so badly at exporting?

If you look at the top line figure of $12k per head of population (12,000 USD for every man, woman and child), it sounds fantastic, but we are so far behind other European countries:

Ireland $82k

Netherlands $45k

Belgium $42k

Denmark $33k

Sweden $28k

Germany $23k

France $13k

Again, why?

We seem to have lost the art, or desire to go out into the world and trade. The notion that we are just a nation of shopkeepers is outdated, and with the incredible speed of the rising hegemony of the internet, outmoded. The global marketplace is vastly more accessible now than it has ever been.

And yet…..

So, what are you going to do about? Why not start by considering exporting from your business, or if you already do – which is great – then spread your wings further afield. It may be easier than you fear, and more rewarding than you could imagine.

Over to you.

This process can be much easier than you fear, but the best news is that there is so much

help available, wherever in the UK you are based, and much of it is free. There are industry and country experts waiting to speak to you. So what have you got to lose, get exporting and join the 200 Export Club. A chance to join a community and discuss all things export!


*Source: OECD/

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